About BitValey Escrow

Everything you need in a Decentralized Cryptocurrency Payment Solution Escrow understands what people are looking for in a DeFi payment solution, first-rate security, ease of use, dispute resolution and quick disbursement of funds all while being fully compliant. We also included Private Chat and Instant Alerts just to spice things up a bit.

Escrow Features

100% Encrypted

Everything, including your account information, activity logs and transaction information is encrypted. You are in full control of your data.

Featured Bitcoin Wallet

You can use BitValey as an escrow service or a bitcoin wallet service. Deposit, store, and withdraw your bitcoins at any time.

Time Frame System

Give a time frame for your transaction so it's completed within that time. If it's not completed by then, you get your money back.

Dispute System

Take comfort in our excellent dispute system that makes your transaction extra-safe in case of an argument. We will help resolve a dispute by looking at the hardcore facts.

Secure Escrow System

Money locked in escrow that will not be released to either party until the transaction is complete. Funds are stored in escrow until the given task is completed and verified by you.

Feedback System

When you start a transaction with someone, you can see how their past performance has been on BitValey to decide whether or not you should trust them.

How it Works

Create an Account

That's the first thing. You must have an account to use our escrow service.

Verify your Email Address

Check your email to complete your account registration process.

Deposit Bitcoins

You can send bitcoins to your BitValey account from another wallet. BitValey, on top of being an escrow service, is also a bitcoin wallet!

Create New Transaction

Start a new escrow transaction and provide a time frame, amount, and other information related to the transaction.

Set The Terms

You must set the terms that must be met before bitcoins are released. The terms are something that must be completed by your transaction partner before you can release the money.

Wait For Acceptance

Your partner can either accept or decline the transaction. If they accept, you can no longer cancel the transaction

Ongoing Transaction

Once they accept, the transaction is considered ongoing. You can no longer cancel the transaction as the money is locked in escrow.

Wait For Partner to Finish Task

Once your partner has finished the task, they can mark it as complete.

Verify Task and Release Bitcoins

Once you have checked and made sure that the task is complete, you can release bitcoins.

Funds Released

Transaction has been successfully completed and funds have been transferred to your partner's wallet. They can now withdraw funds or use them on more transactions!